Daveno Historica

A collection of personal and family histories

My mother took the time to write her story. “I never knew much about the lives of my parents, and I do want my children to know about me… My life, on a whole, has not been very interesting, but perhaps my children will appreciate this”.

Every life is worth telling, and preserving, and passing on.

Unless otherwise noted, photos on this site are from my family’s personal archives. Use the tag cloud below to access specific names, places or time periods. You will also find my personal journal, which I started recording here in early 2020, in the tag cloud under COVID-19 or Pandemic. Those entries are not up to date …

As of June 22, 2022, I am preparing these journals for print format with the intention of closing out this blog, as I find it a clumsy way to present my family history. Look for “The Matriarch Diaries” sometime in the next 5 years : )

I split my time between being a custom hatmaker at August Phoenix Hats, and managing an office for a consulting firm in Seattle. I have also traveled a bit, and have spent some time revising my journals as ‘Director’s Cuts’ at Daveno Travels.