Daveno Historica

Being a collection of family histories, posted in no particular order

My mother took the time to write her story. “I never knew much about the lives of my parents, and I do want my children to know about me… My life, on a whole, has not been very interesting, but perhaps my children will appreciate this”.

Every life is worth telling, and preserving, and passing on…

Rather than having these stories sit in boxes under my bed, I will share them here. Posts will be edited as new information comes to light. Unless otherwise noted, photos are from my family’s personal archives. Scroll down for a list of recent posts as well as a tag cloud if you are looking for a specific name, place or time period.

I’m a custom hatmaker at August Phoenix Hats but even the most ardent creators need a different outlet from time to time. “When I’m not making hats, I’m making history” (or at least making small bits of history available online). Perhaps when I have made it through all the boxes, I will add chapters from my own life story as well…