My Pandemic Year: July 2020

July 10, 2020

I haven’t felt well for the last few days, dizziness and a temperature spike (100), and decreased appetite, though the latter is probably a good thing. I’m back up to sleeping 12 hours a day.

Day work is back to boring but at night I’m back to making hats. A 3-day weekend starts tonight and I’m determined to not fritter it away like I did on the July 4th weekend. Plans for this weekend include getting caught up on back orders for hats, and another shipment of masks for Yakima. I also started upgrading my “hat office” with the purchase of a new postage scale, and setting up my own accounts at USPS, UPS and Office Depot. Retirement from my day job is still 2-4 years away, but it never hurts to start planning early.

July 11, 2020 – Roger Stone commuted

Temp is back to normal this morning, and my weight has dropped below 165 for the first time in months. I’m still vaguely nauseous and this tight chest will not go away. It feels like stress.

Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence today. He’s trying to force schools to open. He’s trying to get the CED to revise their COVID-19 guidelines. He’s trying to get the FDA to re-authorize hydroxychloroquine, which the FDA withdrew approval from after finding it ineffective at best, and in some cases, downright dangerous. Trump wants to be the savior but is actually the destroyer.

July 18, 2020 – John Lewis

I woke up at 5 AM, too early to do anything other than design work in my head.

John Lewis died today. He was a civil rights icon and one of our few remaining moral compasses in the Senate. Pancreatic cancer took him at age 80.

I’m now watching a Milan fashion show video, which includes behind the scenes stuff with a designer I’ve never heard of, in a combination of interview and Zoom formats. It feels like talk radio in video format and I lose interest in it pretty quickly. Some things just don’t translate well to Zoom format.

I hope to finish masks today for agricultural workers in Yakima, and start on Karen’s Topkapi (a painted linen crown to overlay on her straw broad-brim hat). I’ve got a pair of caps that I need to finish before January but the design just isn’t gelling.

Vicki and I end the night at the Edmonds Bluff, watching the Neowise Comet. It wasn’t much more than a smudge, but I watched it through my binoculars for about half an hour. We walked around town a bit afterwards, and found the historic district – four blocks on one street – but it was too dark to read the placards. We plan to come back during daylight hours.

July 19, 2020 – Portland riots

The riots in Portland are getting really bad. “Feds” in camo uniforms with no insignia are loading people into unmarked vans which is seriously escalating the situation. Locals are calling it kidnapping rather than arresting, and no one knows where the people are being taken to. Oregon state senators are trying to stop the practice. The whole thing looks really suspect, like vigilantes ’rounding up liberals’ rather than Federal officers protecting life and property and attempting to maintain some semblance of order.

Fires inside the police union building are being set by the police, who are blaming protestors, according to first hand accounts on Twitter. It’s dystopian.

July 26, 2020

The riots and ‘kidnapping/arrests’ in Portland continue, and the “Feds” have now arrived in Seattle. Solidarity marches are now being held in several cities across the country.

John Lewis’s casket is taken by horse & carriage past several civil rights monuments, and across the Pettus Bridge, that we hope will be renamed after him. The pavement was strewn with red rose petals for much of that span. He will lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda Monday and Tuesday.

Olivia deHaviland died today at age 104. She was the last surviving cast member from Gone With The Wind. That film has recently become a point of contention in the BLM.

I spent the weekend at Virtual San Diego Comicon, which was a fun diversion. I am finishing 50 masks for the WASHmask mask & food drive this weekend. The collection point is at the Seattle Rep Theater at the Seattle Center. Vicki offered to drive me there, we both hope the protests don’t put a dent in that plan.

July 27, 2020 – John Lewis lies in State

It’s 11 AM and I’m watching the arrival of John Lewis’ casket at the rotunda for a private service for Congress (televised on C-SPAN). He will lie in state tonight and tomorrow on the Capitol steps for outdoor viewing, in keeping with COVID-19 guidelines. It ‘s really something seeing the process of carrying his coffin up that huge flight of stairs leading into the Rotunda. I wonder how long they have to practice in keeping the coffin level going up and down those stairs. His honor guards are all wearing black masks, which adds to the mournfulness of the day. How difficult it must be to stare at that casket without crying, especially at night when you’re pretty much the only one there.

The Senate has lost its Lion’s voice and moral compass with this passing. I don’t know if those shoes can even be filled right now. Or ever again.

Vice President Pence will pay his respects tonight but Trump appears to have no plans to do so. Yet Another Fail in a year of constant fails.

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I'm a self taught hat & mask maker, working in rescued textiles and found objects. My hat designs are inspired by my travels and historical studies, my masks from the textiles they are born from.

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