My Pandemic Year: June 2020

June 1, 2020 – Protests continue

Protests continue, with looting. This isn’t about George Floyd or BLM anymore, it’s been co-opted into something else. Renton and Kirkland are suggesting city-wide closures at 1 PM today. Alderwood and Lynnwood Malls are closed after Southcenter Mall was targeted this morning. Cops are beating protestors and journalists but are leaving the looters to their own devices. Trump tried to declare martial law by threatening to send the US military to every city where rioting is out of control under the Insurrection Act. But under the Posse Comitatus Act, governors need to invite federal assistance to their state. It cannot be forced upon them.

June 5, 2020 – BLM Plaza in DC

Nightly protests turn peaceful in Seattle, after the curfew is lifted and conversations are held between the protestors and tMayor Durkin and the Chief of Police Carmen Best. Our office downtown is broken into for the second time in as many weeks. Nothing stolen, as we had already secured everything of value after last week’s break-in.

The Pentagon and the Mayor of DC are asking Trump to disarm military personnel in DC, many of whom do not have identifying insignia on their uniforms. The Mayor renames a 2 block section of 16th Ave “Black Lives Matters Plaza” and commissions the painting of huge yellow lettering on the pavement leading up to the White House. The White House and grounds are now surrounded by an 8′ tall metal mesh fence, behind a 3′ tall barricade which is behind a concrete barrier.

I’ve had crying jags several days this week, probably from the mental fatigue resulting from continued insomnia. I hope to finish a project this weekend. Any project will do…

June 7, 2020 – Protests go global

Floyd / BLM protests have now gone global in spite of the pandemic. Local protests continue to be more peaceful as curfews lift and the protesters police their own against looters. Teargas is now banned in Seattle. Elsewhere, officers are now being charged with assault for using excessive force resulting in broken bones and stitched up heads.

Trump withdraws the National Guard from downtown DC, citing a fewer-than-expected numbers of protesters (one million were expected but only 10,000 showed up). The question about the ‘secret police’ remains unanswered. It is rumored that some of the military units were actually civilian militias (i.e. Proud Boys and their ilk), although we will probably never know.

Today, after Colin Kaepernick first took a knee in 2016, the NFL apologizes to its players and allows them to kneel during the national anthem. I can only hope that this maelstrom of actions leads to lasting and meaningful change. “The Best Things White People Can Do Is Listen.”

June 8, 2020 – Protests continue

These are the most tumultuous times since the 1960’s. We are now into 9 days of daily protests. Demonstrations cover much of the city, stretching even to Northgate. There are growing concerns about COVID-19 spikes (which is one of the reasons that tear gas has been banned here). We’ll see what next week’s numbers reflect.

Trump appears to be losing footing with his generals and at least one former president (Bush). Biden might turn Texas blue during the election, which is said to be one of the political death knells for Trump’s second term.

Asians are handing out paper cranes of peace. Quakers sit nearby with a sign that says “End White Silence.” The Amish and Wiccan are said to have joined forces earlier in the week. Strange bedfellows heralding the end of things as they currently are…

June 10, 2020 – 2 million cases

  • We reached 2 million COVID-19 cases in the US today, and 112,000+ deaths.
  • Confederate flags are banned at NASCAR.
  • Confederate statues are being toppled in both the US and UK.
  • White people are trying to do the right thing. I hope it is sustainable.

June 13, 2020

The most descriptive Tweet of the day so far: “I am presently experiencing life at a rate of several WTF’s per hour.”

I am listless today. AGAIN. But at least my house is clean now. I started a new eating plan called “The 8 Hour Window” which restricts your eating to 8 hours a day, and abstaining from the other 16 (fluids OK). I’ve gained 6 pounds heavier since January.

I’m still musing on early retirement. I do much better on days when I can submerse myself in a project, elsewise my news-scrolling continues with every breaking alert email that crosses my work desk. I’m having a heck of a time getting over this hump.

June 21, 2020 – Tulsa rally and doom-scrolling

The political pendulum seems to be swinging back to a more reasonable world as BLM protests continue to shed light on police departments, which are now being evaluated, defunded in some cities and re-organized in others.

Trump’s 1st post-COVID-19 rally in Tulsa was a phenomenal flop. Trump was expecting 1 million people, but only 6,200 showed up. Fox News reported that 5.3 million viewers tuned in, but that didn’t seem to lighten Trump’s mood any.

Kpop (a Korean boy band and activist group) was credited with convincing their fans to reserve tickets. Pascale, Trump’s campaign manager, failed to include an “I’m over 18” checkbox on the reservation form, which not only enabled the teens to do this thing, but also resulted in Pascale breaking a law about collecting personal info from minors, but “TikTokTeens” and “Kpop-stans” are smart enough to provide burner phones and fake emails on forms. It did make for delicious reading for a couple of hours last night…

Today I’m making masks for Yakima which is now the COVID-19 hotspot in the state. Seattle is opening back up but I’m seeing fewer masks on people, especially outdoors, though perhaps it is because the risk is though to be lower. Most businesses require masks upon entry. Theaters and restaurants will re-open next week, but I’m not game enough to go back to those yet.

Doom-scrolling has become a commonly used phrase to describe “checking social media relentlessly for apocalyptic updates.” People are getting swallowed up by the fast-moving news cycle, myself included.

June 23, 2020 – 4000+ daily COVID-19 cases

All indications in the news point to serious trouble in Trump’s campaign. Every step he takes turns even his supporters away – DACA, Tulsa, COVID-19 and now the firing of the Attorney General for New York. The Voice of America is also being dismantled and re-crafted as another mouthpiece for Trump, with the firing of staff and board members globally on Friday night. The purge continues but maybe momentum is building behind the curtain to stop it. (Friday night firings have become a thing for this administration.)

Coronavirus has hit the largest single day case count on record (4,000+) and is now being described as a forest fire rather than a series of waves. It’s also gaining credence as a main contributor to the Tulsa rally fiasco. From the headlines in the Seattle Times today, people remain hesitant to resume “life as normal,” including me.

Police reform bills continue a fight between House and Senate. Six black men have been found lynched over the past several days. A noose was found in the garage of the only black driver on the NASCAR circuit. At some point, white supremacists need to be tagged as domestic terrorists. (The noose was later found to be a door handle, but the issue with white supremacists remains.)

June 24, 2020 – Mask mandate and travel bans

  • US daily cases are now 36,000+
  • US total cases – 2,280,065. Brazil is next highest with 1,188,631. All other countries are below 600,000.
  • US deaths as of today – 121,965
  • Global cases now past 9.4 million, global deaths – 482,105 with a continued upward trajectory.

Governor Inslee mandates mask wearing by Friday in all public spaces, both indoors and out. Non-compliance is a misdemeanor although I hope they hand out masks rather than tickets.

The EU is considering banning travel from the US as we now account for 25% of worldwide COVID-19 cases, and our daily totals are going back up. Cases in some states (TX, AZ, CA) have more than doubled since Memorial Day. Yakima has now run out of ICU beds. Dr. Fauci and followers are growing concerned that the mix of COVID-19 and seasonal flu are going to be lethal this fall.

Dow Jones dropped 709 points today. The global economy is forecast to shrink by 4.9% which is worse than expected.

Stress eating has resumed after falling ill 3 days into the 8:16 eating plan, which I have now discontinued.

Nooses, lynchings and threats towards people of color, continue.

June 26, 2020 – The Memorial Day surge begins

  • US has 40,000 new COVID-19 cases today. The Memorial Day surge has started.
  • Texas and Florida are panicking and are considering going back into lockdown.

There is no good news today on any level. I’ll try to stay off the news this weekend. I need to be at my sewing machine, churning out masks for another shipment to Yakima.

I’m using a folding metal patio chair at my “work desk,” which I try to pad out today after feeling like I’m being electrocuted every time I sit down. Every nerve feels like it’s on fire. Work has been 14 hours a day for two weeks, uploading about 1,000 pages of grant applications to a .gov system by deadline. I miss my proper desk and chair at my proper office.

June 27, 2020 – Shopping

  • We set a new daily record of COVID-19 cases today of 45,942, the Memorial Day surge we were expecting.
  • Florida is closing bars ASAP and beaches on July 4.
  • US cases 2,507,874 / deaths 125,504
  • Global cases 9,949,767 / deaths 498,100
  • Mortality rate in the US is currently 5.1%, ranked 5th in the world behind the UK (14.9%), Mexico, Ecuador and Indonesia.
  • It is estimated that 1 out of 10 Americans are now infected.
  • Americans are now banned from travel to the UK until further notice.

I don’t think I’m traveling anywhere this year, and 2021 is starting to look doubtful.

Vicki (my upstairs neighbor) and I went to Third Place Books today. We waited in line because occupancy was limited to a dozen customers, with masks required and a 30 minute limit on shopping. It’s not enough time and I was hesitant to pick books up to flip through them. QFC was a similar experience but we were able to stock up on vodka and gin. There was such a long line outside of Uwajimaya that we didn’t even try. Swanson’s Nursery was shopping by appointment only. Don’t even think about shopping at Home Depot on a Saturday, again, long lines and controlled capacity inside the store. It’s crazy.

June 30, 2020 – Travel bans and bounties

  • The US is now officially banned from travel to Europe (not just the UK).
  • Some US states are now banning travel to selected other states.
  • Openings are now being rolled back.
  • Fall is now expected to bring COVID-19 Round 2, a new seasonal flu, and a new H1N1 swine flu. There is still no national plan.
  • Our office has reopened on a voluntary basis, with a limit of 10 staff per day. We are strongly encouraged to continue to work from home.
  • Following my boss’s suggestion, I ordered an office chair today, as I expect to be working from home for a few more months yet.
  • COVID-19 cases are now rising in 36 states. We’re a steaming hot mess due to the inactions of this administration.

Today’s other news trauma is the Russians paying bounties to the Taliban for American soldiers in Afghanistan. The issue apparently dates to February/March 2019 but the White House denies knowledge of it and blames the press.

The Supreme Court rules on Trump’s taxes in the next week or two. There’s special interest in Russian deposits in Trump’s accounts with an implied tie-in to the Taliban bounty issue.

I shipped masks to Yakima today and started embroidery on Kate’s dress which is due in September.

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