My Pandemic Year II: January 1-10, 2021

So much happened in January that I filled an entire journal. Here are the first few days which include the Insurrection on the US Capitol on January 6, referred to variously as The Insurrection and later, the Capitol Siege.

January 1, 2021 COVID-19 hits 20 million cases in the US

My very first thought of the year is “Calgon Take Me Away” with a visual of the commercial from the 1960s for this bath suds product. Maybe it was my Mom visiting…

First meal of the new year is granola with frozen strawberries. First chore is ‘feed the cats’ and then the hummers. I expect today will be all about cleaning house, finishing another shipment of masks, and a hat commission.

COVID-19 hits 20 million cases in the US today, 1 million more than a week ago. Double from 2 months ago, double that of India (the next most infected country) and 10x more than France (the next most infected country). We now account for a quarter of COVID-19 cases globally, with 20% of the global population.

  • Global cases 83,957,701 / deaths 1,827,121
  • US cases 20,128,358 (184,664 new) / US deaths 347,787 (2,186 died today)
  • We’re vaccinating about 100,000 people per day. It needs to be one million+ per day.
  • COVID-19 patients now take up 40% of ICU beds.
  • 500 doses of Pfizer vaccine are intentionally left out to spoil by a pharmacist in Wisconsin, who has now been arrested.
  • Ohio State athletes who have survived COVID-19 are now showing signs of heart damage.
  • CDC forecasts 80,000 more deaths in the US over the next 3 weeks.

The US Senate overrides Trump’s veto on the NDAA funding bill, 81-13. Military bases with Confederate names will now be renamed. Section 230 will not be repealed. VP Pence’s lawyers ask the federal judge to toss out Gohmert’s request to overturn the results of the Electoral College (which he does). Trump’s grip on the political landscape loosens as the GOP appear to live in less fear. I look forward to fewer Trump tweets in February.

I end the first day of the year ignoring my chores list, and finishing 60 masks that I had started in December, bringing my total to 700+ for 2020, which includes 350 shipped to the Masks4Millions project at Days for Girls.

BREXIT is now in effect, with no problems so far with freight at border checkpoints.

Vicki suggests that the New Year won’t actually begin until January 20, which echoes what I’m seeing on Twitter and hearing on NPR.

January 2, 2021First call for violence on January 6

  • US cases 20,396,243 (267,884 new) / deaths 349,933 (2,146 died today)
  • Out of the first 330,000 deaths, 250,000 were age 65+, 40% were in nursing homes.
  • Vaccine distribution issues now include a shortage of syringes and needles and a lack of coordination between state and federal entities on the vaccine itself. There also isn’t enough vaccine being made to meet demand.
  • At our current rate, it will take 10 years to vaccinate enough Americans to reach herd immunity.
  • Doctors are citing burnout.
  • “Social Depression” becomes a new term.

In political news, Gohmert is now calling for violence in the streets on January 6, a statement he denies at 6 PM this evening. Ted Cruz leads a charge for an emergency 10-day audit of the votes in those states where Trump contested the results. Twelve senators now plan to contest the confirmation of the Electoral College votes if that audit does not take place. Nothing will come of it, but it is damaging to our democratic process and is still harping on the disproved voter fraud scheme. I wonder if this will ever, EVER stop.

Later it turns out that both Cruz and Pompeo are using this election drama as a soft-launch for their 2024 presidential runs. Because IMHO there’s nothing more presidential than contesting an election … !

Sulemani’s death anniversary is tomorrow, chatter about war with Iran continues. I think we’re in for a rough week.

And I think COVID-19 and the trajectory of political events is starting to get to me. I’ll feel better once I clean house and take a walk. I see Vicki today for the first time since mid-December, and we take a walk at The Rez. I make pancakes for dinner and have a chocolate cake cooling. Chores that should barely phase me, totally wipe me out. I go to bed early to avoid eating that entire cake.

January 3, 2021“Find Me 11,780 Votes”

  • US cases 20,630,543 (234,300 new) / deaths 351,453 (1,520 died today).
  • Global cases now at 85,095,602.

It’s 2:30 AM Sunday. Cats have taken up half the bed. I was hoping for a 12-hour sleep cycle but no such luck. I’m back to that usless 4-hour sleep cycle. Happy January.

I add Twelfth Night to the list of holidays and milestones that will be lost to this pandemic year. I reconcile myself to another six months of isolation and at least another year of no travel. I turn to reissuing my original travel journals as Director’s Cuts at Daveno Travels – combining the photos and text from 3+ websites into single-source accounts. I had been saving that activity for when I retire, but maybe starting now now will cheer me up.

Seven Brandenberg, the pharmacist who left Pfizer vaccines out, has been charged with 1st degree reckless endangerment and criminal damage. He’s a conspiracy theorist who thought the vaccine would alter people’s DNA. The 570 doses that he rendered useless were valued at $8-11,000. No damage was done to the 57 people who were vaccinated, other than the fact that they didn’t actually get vaccinated…

Today’s news is saturated with Trump pressuring Georgia to find him 11,780 votes. The phone call is on tape. I wonder if sedition is becoming an actual threat.

At 5 PM news breaks that the US Nimitz is staying in the Middle East instead of returning to home port, because of threats by Iran to Trump and other US government officials (according to Acting Secretary Miller, a Trump appointee). Generals at the Pentagon had disagreed with the plan for the Nimitz to return home, Miller overrode them but then reversed himself today. The move is cited as precautionary rather than defensive.

January 4, 2021 “Worse than Watergate” and National Guard deployments begin

  • WA State cases 255,396 (4,373 new) / deaths 3,459 / hospitalizations 15,111
  • US cases 20,786,001 (155,458 new) / deaths 353,131 (1,678 died today)
  • US death rate is now on ever 33 seconds.
  • 1 in 5 people in Los Angeles are now infected.
  • Hospitals in LA are at 120% capacity. Ambulances are being told to NOT transport people who have little chance of survival. The Navy hospital ship “Mercy” which could supply 1,000 beds in LA, is inexplicably sent to dry dock in Portland.
  • ICUs all over the country are reporting oxygen shortages. An ICU unit in Egypt lost all of its patients when the hospital’s oxygen supply suddenly ran out. Russia, Africa and Iraq also report oxygen shortages.
  • The experts are still talking Fall 2021 before we reach herd immunity in the US.

It’s Monday, I’m back in “the WFH office” for the first time this year. It’s funny how I always expect the new year to feel different, but it never does.

The US is considering giving half-doses of the Moderna vaccine in order to spread out the supply (still administering 2 doses, but half-strength). There’s a lack of research on the efficacy of 1 full dose vs 2 half-doses, or if you can successfully mix and match the vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna). There’s also some disagreement on the timing of the second does. The problem with distribution is logistical; we aren’t set up for mass vaccine programs. Masks, hand-washing and distancing are being touted as more effective in controlling the spread than the vaccine. Interesting messaging…

The new UK COVID-19 variant (B.1.1.7) is now in 30+ countries and is 60% more transmissible, and although it is not more lethal, scientists are concerned. It is expected to become the dominant strain. There’s also a new strain in South Africa, still mostly contained to that continent. It is more lethal and not responsive to the current vaccines. I’m now holding off on trying to get a vaccine until the medical community figures this stuff out.

Trump’s “find me 11,780 votes” is still at the top of the news cycle and is being termed “a potentially criminal act,” with impeachment part of that dialog, although that process is not likely to occur before his term ends. Trump hints at involving the military, 10 former Pentagon chiefs warn Trump not to do that. Georgia would not give Trump the votes he needs to win the presidency, so people are wondering how many other states Trump or his minions have contacted. Carl Bernstein says this is “worse than Watergate.”

Democrats in the House prepare a letter of censure. The GOP continues to defend Trump though some of them voice concerns. Chip Roy (R-TX), a retiring House member, objects to seating 67 House members from the 6 contested states, citing that if there was indeed voter fraud, it would affect all down-ticket offices as well as Trump’s re-election.

Washington DC braces for 15,000 people expected to take part in 3 protest marches and rallies tomorrow and Wednesday. The leader of the Proud Boys is arrested on outstanding charges which includes a firearms offense (guns are illegal in DC). National Guard is now mobilizing in downtown DC ahead of “armed militias” but are not being deployed to the Capitol or the National Mall. (IMHO perhaps that is the realm of the Secret Service or the Capitol Police.) Trump plans to hold a rally on the Ellipse.

Naturalists have recorded sounds of forests from around the world at It’s today’s new ambient soundtrack in my WFH office, though not enough of a distraction…

January 5, 2021

  • US cases 21,046,196 (260,195 new)
  • US deaths 357,226. An astounding 4,097 people died today.

Georgia’s Senate runoff voting will be a long process today, with absentee votes not being counted until after 7 PM. The race is still too close to call, and control of the US Senate hangs in the balance.

The FDA discourages half-dose vaccinations as there is no science to back that up. We appear to be vaccinating about 1 million people per day, with about 4 million vaccinated. Out of a population of 330 million, that puts us into October before most people are immunized. Vaccines have been prioritized for the last 2,000 Cherokee talkers in an attempt to keep that language from going extinct. I wonder how many other cultural treasures we are at risk of losing.

Peters Valley Gallery (where I sell hats) reopens today. The Guardian reports that the UK has an infection rate of 1 in 50 people, and is going into lockdown until March.

Websites like Netflix and USPS have red banners at the top now, stating delivery slowdowns due to COVID-19. I suspect LeJoy’s systematic tinkering with USPS last November has also played into it. Local mail that used to take 3 days now takes 6. Priority Mail (3 day) now takes 6-10. I’ve switched to UPS for shipments, and pay all bills online now to make sure payments arrive on time. People without internet access are at an extreme disadvantage now.

January 6, 2021 – The World Watches a US Capitol Insurrection

  • US cases 21,299,340 (253,114 new) / deaths 361,123 (3,895 of us died today)
  • UC San Diego installs a vending machine on campus, stocked with COVID-19 self-tests, free for anyone with a UC student ID card.

Today is Twelfth Night, Epiphany. It used to be my favorite holiday – a personal post-Christmas that I spent walking around downtown, admiring the holiday lights on nearly empty streets, and the window displays that were no longer crowded with shoppers. Dinner and sometimes a movie. I wonder if there were any lights to admire downtown this year. I haven’t even left my apartment since Sunday. The only time my chest isn’t tight is when I’m asleep.

One year ago today, I was in a surgical mask in my mother’s room, taking down Christmas decor while she slept, with the hiss of an oxygen machine and her labored breathing filling the room. She would be in hospice care a few days later, and dead a day after that. I would be very ill for the next 6 weeks with every symptom of COVID-19 except for the fever. Unless you had the fever or prolonged shortness of breathe, doctors didn’t even want to see you. By the time I recovered in early March, Seattle was starting to lock down, our office closes and our staff started working from home.

Congress has promised a circus in their otherwise ceremonial role of certifying the results of the Electoral College vote. Twelve GOP senators and 140 GOP representatives plan to dispute the results in a last ditch effort to “Stop the Steal.” McConnell rebuffs efforts to overturn the election, saying “if overturned, our democracy would enter a death spiral.” Pence has already told Trump he cannot reverse the Electoral College results. The whole thing is a travesty.

The Guardian News calls the Georgia race for Warnock. Ossoff’s race against Perdue is still too close to call.

According to Twitter, the Capitol Building is being evacuated, as well as the Cannon and other buildings in the vicinity. There are no news alerts yet on mainstream media.

A crowd of about 8,000, urged on by Trump during his speech on the Ellipse an hour ago, has marched to the Capitol. They have breached the barriers and are clashing with the police. There are reports of bomb threats (pipe bombs would later be found outside of office doors at both the RNC, DNC and Capitol grounds, placed their the night before). Staff from the Cannon Building are sent to the tunnels below the buildings. Those in the Longworth Building are told to shelter in place.

All times listed below are Pacific Standard:

  • At 11 AM the Capitol Building is in lockdown. I don’t see any police on the videos so far but teargas has now been deployed. Crowds have overwhelmed the Capitol police and are at the doors of the building, in an area the public is not allowed access to.
  • At 11:23 AM the insurgents have broken doors and windows and are now inside the Capitol and on the second floor. Staff who have not evacuated are told to shelter in place.
  • At 11:24 AM the House goes into recess and the Electoral Vote confirmation is paused.
  • At 11:45 AM the insurgents are now in the Rotunda, within steps of both the Senate and the House. There is discussion about evacuating Pence, there was no plan in place to do so, IMHO raising questions about which side the police are on right now.
  • At 11:49 AM there is now an armed standoff inside the door of the House which is now being evacuated. Pence has also now been evacuated. Congress has been given gas masks because tear gas has been deployed in the Rotunda. Trump is in the Oval Office, watching events unfold on tV. He is not calling for people to stand down.
  • The Mayor of DC calls for a 6 PM curfew, which ls later extended to Alexandria and other DC suburbs. She activated the National Guard yesterday but there’s no sign of them today. DOD has reportedly not approved her request.
  • At 12:15 PM protesters enter the Senate Floor. Insurgents film themselves ransacking senator’s desks. Trump tweets “Stay Peaceful. Honor the Police. We are the Law & Order Party.”
  • At 12:30 PM the Senate Chamber is cleared and the insurgents are pushed back to the Rotunda. No word regarding the House yet. Trump finally calls for the National Guard according to his press secretary, after the DOD had denied the request from DC officials (it is later reported that that decision was made by Pence rather than Trump). Ivanka tweets “These are American Patriots” but takes the tweet down later.
  • At 12:52 the National Guard are now deployed at the Capitol. Multiple officers are injured. There’s an insurgent sitting in Pelosi’s office with his feet on her desk. He scribbles a note to her: “We will not back down” and takes a piece of her mail. Pence is telling (texting maybe?) for people to leave. Trump stays silent.
  • At 1:08 PM Biden speaks: “An assault on the rule of law. This is not dissent, this is chaos. Words from a President Matter. They can Inspire. The can Incite.” Biden calls on Trump to go onto national TV now and do his constitutional duty and demand that the protesters stop now. The Hart Building has now been trashed.
  • At 1:20 PM a stream of police vehicles start to arrive outside the Capitol Building.
  • At 1:30 PM, Trump tweets “Time to go home.” Insurgents are high-fiving each other as they leave, though I’m not clear which building I’m looking at. There’s still a stand-off in the Senate side.
  • At 2 PM riot police arrive and walk insurgents off the Capitol steps. “Occupy DC” on January 20 has now surfaced in social medial chatter.
  • At 3 PM the Capitol Building is secured. Congress will resume the Electoral College vote certification. Both the House and Senate are trying to ‘talk down’ their members who had planned to object.
  • At 5:30 PM, Metropolitan Police are still trying to clear the West side of the Capitol campus. Media questions if the ‘siege on the capitol will result in resignations.’
  • A woman (insurgent) who was shot inside the US Capitol has died.
  • A truck of Molotov cocktails and 3 more pipe bombs are discovered near the Capitol.
  • Trump tweets: “This is what you get when you steal an election.” It’s his last tweet before Twitter locks his account (and the POTUS account as well) for 12 hours for inciting violence. Facebook suspends his accounts for 24 hours.
  • The White House goes completely black tonight, no lights at all except for the flagpole.

In Washington State, demonstrators stormed the gates of Governor Inslee’s residence, both Inslee and his wife were home. The State Patrol cleared them off the grounds at about 4:30 after an hours-long standoff, with apparently no arrests. Similar “Occupy the Capitol” events were occurring simultaneously in Ohio, Indiana, California, Georgia, Kansas, New Mexico and Minnesota. IMHO today was a planned, strategic effort…

Meanwhile, Ossoff has been declared the winner in Georgia. A short sigh of relief as the Democrats will now have a 1 vote majority in the Senate. Trump auctions drilling rights in the Arctic but doesn’t get much response. “The oil will pay for the GOP tax cuts from last year.” Even in theory it’s an epic fail.

Congress will finish the confirmation of the Electoral College votes. Female staffers were the responsible adults in the room with the presence of mind to bundle up those wooden vote boxes and take them to safety, and assuring the vote confirmation would continue after order was restored.

The World is Watching. This is Trump’s legacy. The GOP has nurtured the monster that has now devoured them. Senior officials are discussing the 25th Amendment. Articles of Impeachment are being drafted again in the House. There are unconfirmed reports that Trump has banned Pence and his staff from the West Wing.

There are comparisons being made between today’s events and the BLM protests, when people in Seattle and Portland were teargassed for peaceful marching and sometimes peaceful standing. In DC every block within a 2 mile radius of the Capitol campus was locked down during BLM. Police presence during the BLM marches was triple what we saw at the Capitol today. Today, police were outnumbered and white insurgents went wherever they wanted to. It is later reported that insurgents gained access to private offices because Capitol police were escorting congressional members and staffers to safety. WHERE WERE THE ARRESTS?

Those who spoke at this morning’s rally need to be arrested for incitement and sedition. Giuliani called for people to “engage in trial by combat.” General Flynn referred to “Trump’s Party.” Don Trump Jr. said “We’re coming for you.” IMHO instead of running for office in 2024, Trump needs to be in jail.

January 7, 2021Biden is confirmed, Trump is banned from social media

  • Global cases 88,005,213 / deaths 1,897,568
  • US cases 21,572,649 (273,309 new)
  • US deaths 365,174. Another 4,051 of us died today.

The Electoral College vote confirmation went into the early hours of this morning, with a number of members in both the House and Senate continuing with their objections in spite of yesterday’s events. With that vote certified and no legal options remaining, Trump promises an orderly transition “to the next administration” but does not say Biden’s name.

Twitter (at 3:30 PM) and Facebook (later) ban Trump from their platforms indefinitely. They also remove accounts for Flynn, Powell and others linked to QAnon. Cries of “Cancel Culture” rise up from the MAGA crowd although the rest of the Trump family still have their accounts. Media swaps out the term “protesters” for “insurgents.” Journalists continue to be threatened.

Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) issues the first call to enact the 25th amendment and 200 members of Congress back that call. There’s chatter about cabinet members resigning so they don’t have to vote on the 25th if it comes to that. Today’s 17 resignations include Devos (Dept of Education), Ryan Tully (NSC), Chao (Dept of Transportation and McConnell’s wife), and Mulvaney. The Sergeants at Arms for both the House and Senate, the Chief of Police for the Capitol also resign. Pence is opposed to enacting the 25th, so impeachment it is. Those Articles of have been drafted and are now circulating in the House for signature. The media calls for Trump to resign: “He can choose how he leaves.”

There are more questions about yesterday’s police response. Cops were opening gates for insurgents and taking selfies with them in the Rotunda. The film clip of a police officer assisting an older, female insurgent down the stairs at the Capitol (instead of arresting her for trespass) infuriated me. There are questions about vets in tactical gear among the insurgents.

The Washington State Patrol said no arrests were made at Inslee’s home yesterday because “there were no threats to life or property (in spite of them breaking down a gate to gain access to the residence), and not making arrests is a de-escalation technique. We can investigate later.” Lawmakers propose a gun ban at protests and at the State Capitol.

How interesting it is that nearly 100 arrests were made in Seattle during the BLM marches last year, 10,000 nationwide. Yet 8,000 at the nations’s capitol didn’t warrant any arrests. “If you’re white, you can do anything.” The more explanations I hear, the more it sounds like continued upholding of the sacrosanct of white privilege.

January 8, 2021Insurrection Day fallout continues

  • WA State cases 268,607 (4,829 new) / deaths 3,699 (65 new)
  • WA State hospitalizations 15,557
  • US cases 21,861,844 (289,195 new) / deaths 368,769 (3,625 died today)
  • 1 in 30 Londoners are now infected.
  • Biden plans to release the entire stockpile of vaccines (currently half the nations’ supply is being held back as 2nd doses).
  • King County plans to open mass vaccination sites by February 1.

100 million Americans have lost employment over the last year. Stimulus checks for $600 that were sent at the end of December, were sent to the wrong accounts for 13 million people.

The Hill (media) reports that GOP are having buyer’s remorse in backing Trump. “We thought he would become more Presidential” and “We should have been a stronger check and balance.” They held back on their criticism because they needed Trump’s support for the Georgia run off, which he failed to give them. They recognize the long term damage to their party. Many of them received calls from him during the lockdown at the Capitol. It’s sad that it took them 4 years to figure this out. And yet, McConnell says he will withhold the Articles of Impeachment from the Senate floor until 1 PM on January 20, which pretty much guarantees that it will fail, since senators will argue that you can’t impeach a president after they leave office.

Google removes Parler from its app store for Android, and Apple considers banning Parler from its app store as well if it doesn’t change its moderation policies. Shopify shuts down Trump’s web store. Campaign Monitor closes Trump’s account and disables his ability to monetize his emails. Trump tries to tweet from the POTUS account on Twitter but it is promptly removed. He is now banned on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Reddit. He has found a new home on Gab but has fewer followers on that platform.

There have now been 68 arrests in DC, mostly for misdemeanors like breaking curfew, in spite of images of people with long guns and pistols (illegal in DC). It’s a stark contrast to the 278+ arrests of unarmed marchers in Seattle during BLM. We have a racial reckoning to work through on a national level.

NBC now reports that a police officer is among 5 people who died as a result of the insurrection. Fifty officers were injured. Reports surface that the National Guard was purposely restrained over fears of a “BLM-style” overtly armed force presence, and that the Capitol Police turned down assistance from the National Guard and the FBI. Pelosi’s laptop was stolen, along with her Speaker’s podium and other items.

Rally goers are being pulled off of planes for their return flights home from DC and are being cuffed at the airport. 14 Trump rally goers from Seattle are banned from Alaska Airlines after harassing other passengers and not wearing masks on their return flight. Some insurgents are getting fired from their jobs after they show up on video clips. The videos that are surfacing are ghastly and include a mob chanting “Hang Pence,” and a guy with a bunch of flex cuffs on the Senate floor, which indicated plans to take hostages.

January 9, 2021

  • US cases 22,129,231 (267,387 new) / deaths 372,384 (3,615 died today)

Work on a custom hat order continues, it’s a do-over like nearly every other hat I’ve made over the last few months. I order more journals. I had hoped my handwriting would improve with daily practice, but sadly, no.

Today’s social media chatter is about plans for new insurrections for January 16, 17 and 20. DC will be on high alert for the next 30 days. Of special concern is the safety of those attending, which include SCOTUS, past presidents, current Congressional members (including those in the line of ascension) and of course, Biden and Harris. I really hope they move it indoors and televise it, but Biden is ‘insistent on showing no fear.’ The guest list has been pared down to 3,000 from a normal list of 200,000.

One of the most jarring photos on social media today is of black men cleaning up the mess left behind by white insurrectionists. A photo worth a thousand words, and none of them good. Other than that, Twitter is a whole lot better in the absence of Trump tweets and retweets. Who knew one person could suck up so much oxygen.

In Washington State, Inslee calls on the National Guard to protect the state capitol when the legislative session opens later this month. I suspect other state capitols are making similar arrangements.

Our lockdown in Seattle has now been extended to January 18. I won’t be eligible for a vaccine until May/June unless distribution turns around soon. Logistics are now compounded by needing to schedule appointments to coincide with a 2 hour window per 5 shot vial.

It’s my birthday today. I celebrate with unexpected gifts of flowers and cakes from a handful of people. NPR denoted January 6 as December 37, and moved the New year to January 20, as some of us have already done. It ends my day on a lighter note.

January 10, 2021

  • Global cases 90,237,469 / deaths 1,934,096
  • US cases 22,385,975 (256,744 new) / deaths 374,072 (1,688 died today)
  • By comparison, India and Brazil have 10,000,000+ cases, Russia 3,400.000, the UK 3,000,000 cases.
  • Now there are concerns about COVID-19 exposure from senators who refused to mask up while they were sequestered with colleagues on January 6.

It’s another firehose news day, which is weird for a Sunday. I can’t decide if living on the news cycle is good or bad; trying to stay on top of everything is really exhausting. More posts and videos are coming out from Parler members, showing that the intent on January 6 was to lynch Pence and do physical harm to Pelosi and other lawmakers.

MAGA members who were involved in the Capitol Siege are being added to no-fly lists as soon as they are ID’d in the video clips that are being widely shared on social media. Two guys with flex cuffs have been arrested, but most of the charges I’m seeing are for misdemeanors like ‘unlawful entry’ and ‘disorderly conduct’ instead of ‘attempt to kidnap’ or weightier charges. It’s really frustrating to think that these guys are going to walk away with a slap on the wrist and a minimal or suspended sentence.

GOP Senators Toomey and Murkowski ask Trump to resign, echoing the 56% of Americans who feel the same (according to an ABC poll). Articles of Impeachment now have 190 co-sponsors in the House. Pelosi adds a 14th amendment piece to the impeachment order, “sedition will get you removed from Congress.” Hawley and Cruze also face public pressure to resign for their roles during the Electoral College vote confirmation on January 6, and there’s a push by both Yale and Harvard to have them both disbarred. General Colin Powell quits the Republican party. A second police officer has died, this one by suicide; he had been assigned to the Senate.

On Twitter, Arnold Schwarzenegger compares the Capitol Siege to Kristalnacht in Germany. “Hang Mike Pence” trends on Twitter and is blocked a short time later. Parler has now been de-platformed and banned from Amazon, Google and Apple for “engaging in illegal and dangerous activity.” They’re having trouble finding a service provider, even text messaging, email and lawyers have dumped them today. They had 4 million users, with many signing up but few staying. Wikipedia defined Parler as “a right wing echo chamber with no left wing to fight with.” Platforms like Parler intensify extremism but weaken its influence, I presume because they are preaching to their own choir instead of recruiting.

I made it up 8 flights of stairs today and once around the entire NW Hospital parking garage. I interrupt a large murder of crows (about 50) on the roof before they gathered above my head, circling me for several minutes before landing in the tops of two nearby trees, where they continued to scold me until I went back down the stairs. It was pretty awesome, given that I woke from a dream this morning about being a crow, and perhaps my obsession with collecting feathers was me just trying to find my old clothes.

I am having the weirdest dreams…

I get back home in time for the “Oldies Hour” on the jazz station. It was always on when I got back from visiting Mom on Sundays. She’s been on my mind a lot, probably because of the holidays and the upcoming anniversary of her death next week.

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