Sportsman's Lodge

[Photos and text are from our family archives unless otherwise noted]

My grandmother’s grandfather, J.J. Carpenter, acquired land in Colorado in 1908 as part of President Roosevelt’s Homestead Act. He eventually built a lodge in Cebolla (near Gunnison, CO), that went by various names – Carpenter’s Fishing Lodge, Sportsman Hotel, and Sportsman’s Lodge. My mother grew up near there, my grandmother and her sister played there, and my grandmother and her husband worked there for a short time in the 1920’s.

It has long held fascination for me, not only because the Carpenters were ‘big fish in a little pond’ in Gunnison, but also because of a family story that claims that the Carpenter boys took guests out on hunting parties, and that one of those parties included Buffalo Bill Cody.

And, there was a bear, whom guests would feed with beer. Published stories list the bear’s name as Maude, though the third photo in this series has a note on the back of “Nellie Bear”. Needless to say, I have a lot of stories to track down…

8 thoughts on “Sportsman's Lodge

  1. The bears name was nellie. They left it alone too long and the bear malled one of the hands that fed it so they shot it. I have the original picture of the tack room with the eagle and the stuffed kitty. My great grandfather killed that mountain lion with a bowie knife at 13 years old.


  2. My grandfather was Earl John Carpenter Jr. My name is Lee Earl Carpenter. My great Grandfather was Earl John Carpenter Sr. His wife’s name was Dottie Dillie. They had 3 children, one was my grandfather, and my two aunts, Charlotte, and Betty. There was two uncles named Harry and Howard, they were twins. I have Howard’s pocket watch. There was one child that didn’t make it, her name was Earletta and she died at only 3 months old of crib death.


    1. Hi Lee, my name is Lynn Carpenter Cadrin and I am related to you! My great grandfather was Lloyd DeVere, one of your great grandfather’s older brothers. I am fortunate to still have my uncle George living. He would also love to visit with you. He, however does not use e-mail. (this reply has been edited by August Phoenix Hats to remove personal info)


  3. Hi! I’m Justin Wean. I am related to both of you. Betty Carpenter is my Mema. I am so fascinated by both the Carpenter and Devere sides of this family. My father is Gregory John Wean. Son of Betty Maude Carpenter and Frank Peter Wean Jr.


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