The Photos

Supplemental photos for The Stories, arranged by person and listed chronologically where possible. Indirect family members are presented as slide shows.

Wilma Lee Hughes (Fifield)

Born April 13, 1930 in Kelso, WA. Died January 15, 2020 at age 89 in Yakima, WA. Parents were Earl Jesse Hughes and Mildred Lucille Carpenter. Married to Calvin Lennan Fifield, children are Heather, Payne and Kevin Fifield.

Mildred Lucille Carpenter (Hughes)

Born September 25, 1908 in Cebolla, CO. Died October 6, 1999 in Yakima, WA. Parents were Harry Fremont Carpenter and Velma Eastman. Married Earl Jesse Hughes, their only child was Wilma. A note of interest – Mildred spells her middle name as Lucille, in spite of her baby book listing it as Lucile (with one L).

Other Carpenters

Harry John “Bud” Carpenter – brother to Mildred Carpenter Hughes. Born January 28, 1917 in Gunnison, CO Died (date unknown) in San Diego, CA. Parents were Harry Carpenter and Velma Eastman. Did not marry or have children, he lived with male companions most of his adult life. No mention of him in Mildred’s records, she said he stole some jewelry from her and she was generally not very fond of him.

Nella Jeannette Carpenter – sister to Mildred Carpenter Hughes. Born June 4, 1911 in Fowler, CO. Died November 26, 1962 in Longview, WA, on the way to the hospital from a bleeding ulcer, a result of alcoholism. She was 51. First husband was Charles Leichardt, second was Barton Christianson, unknown if there were children by either marriage.

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